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Testimonials - Here's What People are Saying About Magna PT in Avon CT!

"After my first knee scope I didn't do any rehab at all and I've always felt that my knee is only 85% of what it should be. This time around (on the other knee) I did intensive rehab with Brian and his staff and I feel 110%. I'm able to transfer my weight to the left, getting off my right side for the first time in years, eliminating my push!!  I'm able to generate so much more power now compared to before my surgery and rehab."
Bob Maxon,  NBC30  Meterologist

Over the last few years, a knee surgery and back pain plague my golf swing.  However the sessions that I have spent with Brian and the Magna Golf Medicine Team, have virtually kept me playing competitive golf.   Their personal concern and care are just a few of the pluses of the group. They MAKE you better by MAKING you train.  They just don't bandage the hurt, they give you a long lasting program to further improve. 
John Nowobilski,   PGA Professional   Tallwood Country Club, Hebron, CT

"There is being "in shape," and then there is being in "golf shape." If you have concerns about your back, or if you need help fine tuning the muscles that contribute to a better swing, I know Brian can help."
Gerry Brooks,  NBC 30  Newscaster

"I was referred to Brian Magna by an orthopedic specialist about 10 years ago.  Brian and the staff at Magna Physical Therapy and Golf Medicine have helped me to rehab my way back from two painful injuries.  When it comes to physical therapy, there is no one I trust more than Brian Magna."
Dave Dell,  Head PGA Pro. Sringfield CC

"After years of wear and tear, I had continuously struggled with chronic lower back pain.  It wasn't until I met with Brian and set up a personal fitness program including Pilates, stretching, and core strength that I truly felt healthy and free from pain."
Ryan Hall,  PGA Golf Professional,  Golf Club of Avon

"As a golf professional/professional golfer who has had injuries, I would recommend Magna Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to anyone who wants to get back on their feet. Working with Brian and his team got me healthy and stronger so I could get back on the golf course quickly with confidence."
Lynn Valentine,  Professional Golfer

"I highly recommend Brian as a physical therapist. He is so vigilant in is care method and practice. He fixed, mended, healed many aches and pains before I headed out to the course. "
Janice Moodie,  LPGA Tour Player

"Brian and I have been working together and been friends for over ten years. His dedication, love of golf, and passion for helping others, has inspired me in my career as an LPGA tour player. Over the past few years I have developed some nagging injuries but because of Brian's help, as well as the help of his staff, I have been able to compete on the highest level with the world's best. Brian and his staff have my total confidence and I'm know that they will always be in my corner."
Liz Janangelo,  LPGA Tour Player

"It is difficult in the dance world to find a doctor who understands not only the injury a dancer is dealing with, but how the injury relates to what steps the dancer can continue with in class. Having someone who understands the terminology and specific dance related causes of an injury is integral to helping dancers overcome the problem as well as avoiding future setbacks. Brian Magna has this knowledge, and it can benefit any dancer facing an injury, no matter how severe. "
Abby Hudgins,  Dance Teacher     Norman OK

"Physical therapy is something dancers can't live without. Our bodies are our lives, and thanks to our physical therapists, we can achieve peak performance.
Kathryn Morgan,  Soloist     New York City Ballet

" A Dancer cannot be slowed down by pain or injury. Brian understands this. He treats a dancer's body with care and respect . He knows how to pinpoint a concern and treat it quickly. Working with Brian while I was a principle dancer with the Hartford Ballet, I knew I could trust him to accurately assess what was going on with my body.Brian could correct imbalances and  give me exercises and tips to improve my performance. This approach gave me confidence I would return stronger and less likely to repeat an injury.It also boosted my understanding of how my body works in a bio mechanical way. Now a teacher of dance, I  confidently recommend my students to Brian for treatment and rehabilitation."
Tim Melady: Dancer, coach, teacher     The Hartt School & The Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts.

" Physical Therapists like Brian are a great resource for fitness and injury consultation. Working with a physical therapist at Magna Physical Therapy is a great way to keep your body in tip-top form for a career like mine."

Amy SimonAmy Simon

"I tend to push myself pretty hard and I have had a number of nagging injuries over the years, as well as a few orthopedic surgeries.  Brian has provided practical advice, therapy and exercise programs to get me back out doing the things I like to do.  Magna PT is a friendly, well-equipped, well-staffed environment.  During my visits there I learned a lot that helps maintain me in good working order.  The experience of going there has been enjoyable in addition to its therapeutic benefit."
Charlie DeWeese,  Canton, CT

"As the medical director for Magna Physical Therapy,  I have been extremely pleased with the care and service offered at their facility.  I don't hesitate sending patients,  knowing they will receive some of the best physical therapy care in the Farmington Valley."
Dave Burstein,  MD

"Both of my kids have seen Brian Magna for sports-related injuries. Brian’s ability to assess their injuries and provide us with targeted physical therapy combined with practical easy-to-follow “do at home” exercises helped ensure a fast recovery and return to activity. He and his staff are knowledgeable and engaging, and offer a fun and friendly atmosphere with the goal of healthy living and improved athletic performance. I highly recommend Magna Physical Therapy to anyone with a sports injury, an ongoing issue, or simply seeking improved fitness."
Peg Berry, Canton